Thursday, 18 June 2015

Maths Sample

“Maths Sample”
Purpose: To share our maths strategies with our parents and evaluate how well we are doing in maths and find out how we can improve. Our parents can then help us at home.
WALT: (highlight one)
count on from the biggest number when adding two numbers together (e.g. 3+8 as 8, 9, 10, 11).
explore the different ways to manipulate numbers when adding 2 digits (e.g. 18+18+18 as 20+20+20=60-6).
explore the different ways to manipulate numbers when adding and subtracting 2 digits (e.g. 71-48 as 73-50).
explore decimal place value (e.g. how many 10ths, 100ths and 1000ths in a whole number).

Choose your maths goal so far from this term 18+18+18+18
Use the Showme app to “show” how you can solve the maths problem
Can you solve the problem using a different strategy?
Speak clearly into your ipad - keep your ipad still
Get a buddy to view it
Save Showme as: ‘Your Name’ Term 2 Maths Sample
Get an adult to check it.
Copy embed code, paste into the HTML section on your blog.

Copy and paste title, purpose, task
What is your maths stage?
Put a target on your stage for this term:  

Stage 4
Counting on & back with 10’s as the unit 
Early Stage 5
Simple part whole strategies to 100
Stage 5
Simple part whole strategies to 1000
Stage 6
Wide range of part whole strategies

What do you enjoy in maths and why? I enjoyed maths because I am so good at it 

What challenges you the most and why? Doing the sample because it is so hard  

What do you need to get better at in maths and why? To reach my goal and be good at my goal. My goal is to 10 100 up to 1000

How can adults help you with this goal? By helping me practice.

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  1. Well done !!! You pushed yourself and got this awesome math sample finished. Next time : you could entertain the audience we were a little boring . Feed forward : I like how you had a picture of the playground . Thumbs up. For that πŸ‘πŸ»