Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dinosaurs writing

How do you address I found a time machine I jumped into it it was cool. The next few seconds I am in the time of the dinosaurs. I know because  T REX IS TRYING TO EAT ME AHHHHHH!!! RUN one hour later I lost him. uh oh tnump tnump a T REX I am praying for God at I don't get eaten I dead I have a sword yaaaaaay.i am in the sow as the moonlight  I can see 100 dinosaurs I am fighting a plassmoorris a triceratops is hitting me. I sit up in my bed it was a dream one minute later zzzzzz, zzzzzz,


My Reference 
On the Walt 

Because I haven't been using it in my writing and it would make it better 

Walt use language features such as similes and/or 
Onomatopoeia to add impact.