Monday, 26 October 2015

the robber

One night I was in my room with Ashleigh my cousin . Me and ashleigh were playing anmals i see a figa ashleigh rarararara and moveed the anmals.Is it my cat or my dog i say mum nicole me and ashleigh wall to the figa it is a robber. I say mum a robber  and the robber  runs away I could see him or her again. Mum cames  down the  stairs  are you ok yes but sgeed. and i shek out of bed my mum is talking to a police the ples man sess we found  the him in the bushes  he is issets to 11 years  in prison  the highest security prison  in the world

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  1. For feedback I think you spelt some words wrong and feedfowerd I think if you don't know how to spell some words propply ask someone.