Sunday, 28 February 2016

Active Listening

Description: We are learning about active listening because we want people to people to listen to the people who are talking to them and be respectful.  We made a video to show our active listening and our non-active listening.


Big Idea:  Active listening is when you are looking at the person who is talking to you and not playing on your devise or reading a book.  When you are active listening you might ask some questions.  busy listening is you are looking at the person who is talking to you.

I am ok active listening but I am going to working on it


  1. You have created a great little movie showcasing 2 different types of listening! Well done! Great to see that you have reflected on your listening skills. Having a goal to work on these things is always a good plan!

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  3. I liked how you described what active and busy listening is. And while you were doing active listening I liked how you remembered to look at each other while talking.
    Next time you could try and speak more louder and try to stop the device from shaking.