Tuesday, 2 February 2016

waitangi day

description:we wrote questions about Waitangi Day. I got 2 questions. They are down below.
Why do we have waitanig day?

Why did they fight?

I did well on my boat alot of people are rsing wie do I have dogs on my boat because how did dogs get to new zelid.

The answers are here. we have waitangi day because the waitangi people have a party to celebrate ther  freedom.The chifs were wored about not being chifs. they thought at they did not need the treaty because they thought at they were doing a good job.

fourward ; 

feedback ; I think you did well on the boat. Miko 

by Cohen Shaun Billy

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  1. Where do you think your creation sits on the rubric Cohen? Reflecting on this, helps you to know how well you did. It also helps you to know how to improve for next time.